Photo credit: ghee and maida

DiGhent Boulangerie is what I’d call a wonderful accident that shook Gurugram city when it opened its doors for the citizens.

That’s the effect of DiGhent. It may leave you breathless and set the aura bar really high; go and catch the vibe.

Di Ghent is food, environment and culture united by one boundary-pushing aim: to turn your muddy days into something a lot more rejuvenating. If you are looking for some downtime this week, look no further than cross point mall, second floor.

Bohemian sensibilities are changing the food industry today. People want to make dining areas look a lot more attractive and interesting by any available means which strike them as art – such as chic plants and retro-inspired decor featuring paintings of yellow cabs, and snapshots of New York City, that are a doe-eyed attempt to channel the same eclectic city rush of Gurugram.

Although those places may not be very respectable yet as they are new to the market and very amateurish in a critics’ eyes, the clarity set in the vision for DiGhent saves it from the scepticism and judgment that ‘new-agey places’ are often associated with. The camaraderie that the team aspires to build with their guests makes this place a popular choice among all age groups. As the owner Mr. Bal said, ‘we aspire to grow DiGhent in a very innovative manner.’

Spend some lovely free time that could be satiated in a unique environment that scintillates and dazzles the onlookers as they peep through the glass.

Click on the location below to find the address!

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