Rating: 4 out of 5.


Locked down in the house #Amazonprime and wine, brownies, baguette and cheese🍸 Thanks to OTT apps, I came across a show that left me entertained slashed deep in thought for two to three days straight. If we haven’t already been made aware of the holistic belief that the millennial population are threatened by things we never know are coming for us, this show will be enough to make you wanna throw away your book of rules overnight to sit up and think about how less you know about who you’re dealing with. Damn. I don’t know what to say after this. Watch ‘The Wilds’ on #AmazonPrime!

Imagine this — your school teacher asks you to participate in a meditation retreat in Hawaii, but without your knowledge, the place that you are sent to is a freaking hell, as a part of some science experiment that the faculty unanimously supports to discipline you. Parents think they know what the school is doing, but are unaware of what the actual consequences are.

I love to see the good in people but in The Wilds, the question that is left to be answered is: What has Science come to, today? Taking advantage of Nora’s and Jeanette’s vulnerability and naivety, what follows is a story of gratuitous implications on horrified, stumped teenage subjects amid dystopian circumstances for the advancement of a breakthrough in science. 

See where it’s going? Watch it on Amazon Prime today!

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