New Years was a hit.

Some time was spent in the mustard fields of Najafgarh area in Delhi.

If laid-back luxury means to put a mattress in the field, I wouldn’t have hesitated to have done it. Had I stayed in the fields for a few more hours, that may have been a possibility.

That is the ritual in Punjab where people sleep on manjis next to the fields while bonfires are lit in a safe space.

The visual yellow and green aesthetic has a stellar effect when the fields are enveloped by a thick fog. Probably the experience of sleeping like this, wrapped in warm blankets, and watch the fog stay still is one to consider.


I wanted to go to Osho Dhyan Mandir, bang in the middle of the fields inside Oshodham, which is essentially a meditation retreat open to all.

I was surprised to find how the place was beautifully imagined and laid out. Cris-crossing paths strewn with bushes and trees, lanterns and pebbles – it was the meditator’s ideal place to connect with the divine. Inside the retreat, I hear that gatherings and celebrations are quite common within the commune of Osho.

Those who decide to stay are given a bird’s eye view of the meditation experience in which they may choose to participate. Not to mention the year-round dress code of red and white robes which elevates the spiritual connection with the master.

For more, visit https://oshoworld.com/oshodham/

Aishwarya describes a visit to Oshodham on 31 December, 2020.

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