Hi, I’m Aishwarya

Here are 6 things about me!


I was born in New Delhi, India in 1994. I studied in a convent school for a while. Later, I went to Kasauli to study in a boarding school which was a mixed experience, but nonetheless, a highlight!


I moved to Gurugram soon after leaving boarding school and went to an international school. I was an IB student, and before you ask what it’s like, give it a shot.


I pursued my higher studies in Scotland at The University of Edinburgh. In sync with the tradition of worshiping JK Rowling, the subject I chose to delve into was English Literature.


I absolutely loved my experience in Scotland. My best friend, who hails from Kolkata, is one of the few people I trust and met in Scotland. We wandered, explored and fell madly in love with Edinburgh. She lives in France now.


I returned to India in 2017. Somehow, I had never ever explored my own country. Schooling got in the way! I always wanted to start a blog, but it wasn’t until I worked a corporate job, quit, wasted time during the lockdown, that I came to my senses and became a full-time freelance writer.


I am passionate about the local food and sustainability movement,, and hope to work with people who are also invested in promoting awareness about it. If you need a writer for publishing/promotional activity, do get in touch.