Veggie happiness, slow living, cooking bliss, writing for days have changed the way I seek joy.

My approach to sustainable eating was dubious at first. Making the switch to a 100% plant-based diet can sound challenging, especially if people start to believe that one has to give up eating all the foods they have grown up with. I’m still in the middle of making the shift but I have started learning now – thanks to experts who love food and know how to work their minds to try and understand the multi-sensory experience of tasting food. And my opinion is that eating veggies feels better.

It is upto you how you make the best of your culinary journey. For me, improvising vegan meals can be a way to feed myself good food, get creative with cooking and also discover vegan restaurants in the city so why not do it?!!?


My 10 Most Favourite Cooking Moments

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